How social media can affect your divorce
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How social media can affect your divorce

| Feb 25, 2020 | Divorce |

Divorce can be a stressful and agonizing time in the lives of everyone involved. You’re frustrated and exhausted over the proceedings, and you want to let out your feelings. Instead of talking with a friend or professional, you make a post on Facebook or Instagram.

The next day, your spouse uses that very post against you in court. What you thought was a cathartic post on social media is now evidence to show how you shouldn’t have custody of your kids or deserve a lower percentage of the divided assets.

Consider the following before you post on social media during your divorce:

  • Don’t bad-mouth your spouse. No matter how you feel about your spouse, never use social media to talk negatively about them publicly. Your spouse can use this against you by showing your lack of respect or questioning if you behave like this with your kids.
  • Don’t show anything that may consider you an unfit parent. When determining child custody, a judge will consider many factors. One of the primary factors is whether you rely heavily on alcohol or other substances. If you regularly post photos while you are out drinking with friends, your spouse may use it to show how you are unfit to take care of your kids.
  • Don’t reveal your spending habits. Posts that show you spending too much money on new personal items or trips with friends can be inappropriate when you are dividing your financial assets with your spouse.
  • Don’t let your friends get caught in the middle. Divorce doesn’t have to mean losing your friends, too. However, posting inappropriately about your spouse or the divorce proceedings can turn friends against you. Friends can also share what they see on your social media to your spouse, which they can then bring to court.
  • Don’t share legal information. Divorce should be a private process. Avoid sharing details of the divorce online and refrain from asking for advice from your online group of friends. Instead of relying on the internet for help, turn to your trusted divorce attorney.

Understandably, our emotions can get the better of us sometimes, especially in stressful situations like a divorce. Remember that anything you post online can be used against you during the divorce. Do your best to avoid airing your grievances publicly on social media to protect yourself through the process.