Three signs a divorce may be coming
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Three signs a divorce may be coming

| Jul 15, 2020 | Divorce |

Raising a family, dealing with work, and balancing everything else life throws at you can make it hard to notice signs that your marriage may be in danger. Recognizing the signs before divorce papers arrive may help you act to either prepare yourself for the divorce, or work to save the marriage.

Some lawyers predict that there will soon be an increase in divorce cases. Even if you think your marriage is going perfectly, taking a moment to reflect on your marriage can help keep things going well. Here are some significant signs that your marriage may be in danger:

Negative interactions

If a spouse begins blaming the other spouse for something they did not do, it can indicate harbored resentment towards them. When a person is mad at someone else, but cannot fully understand why, they may begin coming up with reasons to be angry at them, like false blaming.

Similar to blame, if a couple regularly argues about things that may not be very important, it can indicate something more severe underneath the present issue. When a couple experiences more negative interactions than positive ones regularly, things may be ending soon.

Warnings to leave

Friends and family of a couple often benefit from an outside perspective of the relationship. If they are warning you to end the relationship, they may recognize something alarming that you cannot see. In a marriage, spouses often overlook minor issues for the sake of the marriage. As time goes on, the things they miss may get bigger and bigger.

Major changes to romance

Married couples usually have a defined romance pattern, like having a date night every other Thursday, or being intimate a certain number of times a week. If the number of romantic events dramatically drops, it can seem like an obvious sign that something is wrong. On the other hand, however, a significant increase in occurrences can also be a warning sign. If a partner is cheating, they may feel guilty about their actions at some level, and compensate by increasing their romantic behavior toward their spouse.

Do not ignore the signs

If you experience multiple signs like these or others for extended periods, you may need to start reacting to a divorce. Pretending everything is fine in your marriage can only hurt you, so do not turn away from the visible signs.