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Neutrality in custody: Child exchanges in neutral territories

You may not have considered it, but once you have a parenting plan and decide to drop off your child to the other parent, where will you do so? Is it really a good idea to invite your ex-wife or husband to your home? Would you feel comfortable arriving at his or her home?

Why you should stay away from social media during a divorce

You will probably experience a lot of difficult emotions during your divorce process. This may cause you to reach out to friends and family for support, and what better way to do that than utilizing Facebook and other social media outlets, right? Actually, using social media right now might be a bad idea.

What does a court consider parenting time interference?

Many parents find that it takes some time to get used to the realities of sharing custody of a child. Whether two parents enjoy fairly equal time with a child or one parent retains most privileges, the rights of each parent are important to respect, and violating these rights repeatedly or severely may result in serious consequences. When a parent's behavior grows from inconvenient or frustrating actions to obstruction, courts may find the parent guilty of parenting time interference.

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