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Parenting plans 101: Getting the perfect plan in place

With parenting plans, there are always going to be changes. However, a great parenting plan will account for changes in the future and describe how you'll handle them.

Parenting plans are essential, because they explain how you'll raise your child, what to expect from the other parent and what the other parent expects from you. It can address things like what happens if your child is sick or what to do about religion or other activities that one parent may prefer for their child.

Custody exchanges in neutral locations can make things easier

Divorcing with children means you will inevitably have to interact with your ex when it's time for you to exchange custody. Those interactions may be brief, but they can be a source of significant issues for families going through divorce.

Despite your best intentions to stay calm, interacting during custody exchanges may lead to arguments in front of the children. In some circumstances, it could increase the likelihood of a violent outburst. Inviting your ex into your new home may also make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

Lashing out: Belittling another parent isn't a great idea

You may not think it's a big deal to say negative things about your estranged spouse to your children. The truth is that doing so can be extremely harmful to your relationship with your kids and cause strain in other aspects of your divorce. Children are aware that they are made up of half of each parent. They know that they come from their mom and dad.

Imagine how you would feel if you suddenly heard that half of you was all bad. You'd be angry. Imagine hearing that someone you love hates someone who is also very important to you. You'd be conflicted.

Coparenting can work if you're willing to be flexible

Parenting plans usually have at least one fault, and that is that they can't account for every situation that occurs. Coparenting is difficult enough as it is, but when unexpected factors influence your life, they can make coparenting even harder.

The thing to remember about coparenting is that it can work well if you and your ex-spouse are willing to be flexible. In fact, if you think far enough in advance, you may even be able to build flexibility into your parenting plan.

Dividing your estate's jewelry: Tips and tricks

When you're planning your estate and thinking about the future, one of the things you may decide you want to do is to pass on your jewelry to your children. You may have valuable pieces combined with heirlooms and costume jewelry, all of which will need a home after you pass.

As the owner of the jewelry today, you have a few options. One is to allow the executor of the estate to dole out the jewelry after you pass away. Another option is to talk to those who may have an interest in the jewelry and ask which pieces they'd like to have. You can then gift it directly to them before your passing or opt to leave it to them in your will.

Have you considered these child custody parenting provisions?

The way you structure your child custody agreement is essential to the future happiness of your child and yourself. If you don't pin things down clearly enough -- and leave enough wiggle room for the natural changes of life -- your ability to work and get along with the other parent of your child could be strained in the years ahead.

Fortunately, a well-planned parenting and child custody agreement will include the right kind of language -- i.e., small clauses known as parenting provisions, which are needed to ensure that you and your ex are on the same page. Here are some excellent areas to cover with regard to your parenting provisions:

How to stage a house for sale

If you want to sell your home as quickly as possible -- and for as high a price as possible -- one strategy to help you do so is to "stage" your home. There are professional real estate stagers who can assist with this process, but, in some cases, you can also do an excellent job of staging on your own. Essentially, staging involves setting up your home and decorating it in a way that makes it attractive to potential buyers.

Here are eight tips to help you stage your home the right way:

Nesting: Is it a fad or a great solution to custody issues?

Child custody options evolve over time. One of the newest options to gain some traction is known as nesting, or bird-nesting. Is it a terrific new solution that will change custody proceedings forever? Or is it a fad that will die out in time and get replaced by something else?

What is it?

How to choose the right guardian for your children

There is a lot that goes into creating an estate plan. If you have children under the age of 18, it's critical to name a guardian. This is the person who will raise your children should you and your spouse pass on.

Since this is such a big decision, it's one that requires your full and undivided attention. Furthermore, you don't want to put it off, as doing so will only add more stress to your life.

How to help children grow and develop in the wake of divorce

You know that your divorce is not ideal for your children, even though you feel like it was the right decision for you and your ex. You worry about how the children will grow up and develop in this new lifestyle. What can you do to make them healthy, resilient and well-adjusted?

It takes commitment on your end. But that does not mean it is impossible. Here are a few ways you can actively work to help your children moving forward:

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