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Legal Guidance For Real Estate Purchases And Sales

Real estate often is the most expensive investment people make in their lifetime. Whether you are selling or purchasing property, it is important to make sure your interests are protected. At Lucas & Davis, P.A., we represent buyers, sellers, developers and lenders in residential and commercial property deals in Johnston, Wayne and Wilson counties. Our office handles matters relating to:

  • Residential home sales transactions
  • Commercial property sales transactions
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Evictions
  • Real estate contracts
  • Title disputes

Real estate purchase agreements are multiple pages long. Unless you are a real estate professional, much of what appears in a contract is difficult to decipher. Because every property is different, there is usually language in each contract that addresses specific aspects of that property.

Our office will assist you in the negotiation, completion of the sales contract, negotiations with sellers and buyers, reviewing the lender documents, searching title to real estate, and conducting the closing of the purchase.

We conduct closings in our office, and in the offices of the realtors and other attorneys in the area.

Avoiding Costly Litigation

Addressing potential problems proactively, such as undisclosed property damage, environmental problems or financing issues, helps all parties involved avoid costly litigation down the road.

Lucas & Davis, P.A., has decades of experience helping buyers and sellers of real estate protect their interests and avoid being exposed to legal liabilities. We will review every part of a sales or purchase agreement with you and take the time to explain what you are agreeing to. We also will review the title to be certain the property has a free and clear title.

Let Us Protect Your Interests In A Property Purchase

Whether this is your first time purchasing real estate or you have bought and sold several properties, it is always a comfort knowing our experienced legal team is looking out for your best interests. Call 919-371-4325 or use our online contact form to schedule a meeting.