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An Estate Planning Attorney Ready To Help You Gain Peace Of Mind

When it comes to protecting hard-earned assets and planning for future generations, many people fail to put a basic estate plan together. Some mistakenly believe estate planning is only for those with significant wealth, while others know they should have a will and other documents in place, but they simply fail to act.

At Lucas & Davis, P.A., in Kenly, North Carolina, we aim to make estate planning easy and painless. Attorney Leon A. Lucas has been helping families in Johnston County and Eastern North Carolina for more than four decades. We provide clients with a full range of estate planning tools to help them secure their assets and provide for loved ones.

How We Help Estate Planning Clients

With dedication, experience and a deep understanding of estate planning, our attorneys provide invaluable guidance in areas that include:

  • Drafting or updating wills, which provide instructions on how you want your assets distributed upon your death
  • Creating trusts that address all types of special situations families encounter
  • Creating powers of attorney for health care and financial matters so a trusted person can make decisions if you are unable to do so
  • Assisting with estate administration and the probate process
  • Establishing guardianship for minor children and incapacitated adults who need care
  • Medicaid planning and how you can protect your assets if you are going to live in a nursing home

We provide one-on-one attention to all our clients who come to us looking for reliable legal advice that will provide them and their families with peace of mind.

An Estate Plan Shows How Much You Care

An estate plan is for the loved ones in your life as much as it is for you. If a person dies without a will, North Carolina’s laws of intestacy will determine how that person’s assets are distributed. That may or may not follow the decedent’s true wishes.

In addition, it may make sense to create a trust and avoid the probate process altogether. Many people avoid developing an estate plan because they don’t fully understand it. We will take the time to review all aspects of your situation, talk through your goals and match you with estate planning tools that meet those objectives. We cut through the jargon and make sure you understand what each tool accomplishes.

Call An Effective Estate Planning Attorney

An estate plan is essential for people of all ages, including millennials. Lucas & Davis, P.A., in Kenly, North Carolina, can help you formulate an estate plan and explain why one is so important. For an initial consultation, please use our online contact form or call 919-371-4325. We will recommend an effective course of action.